21 Mar 2010

herongale: (daisuke- zomg!)
Here's a Digimon "story" I wrote... a long, long time ago. It's an interesting relic in a lot of ways: it's a scriptfic, which was posted to ff.net before these were banned. I was such a huge dork back then. I pretty much totally love this story, and even if I didn't still love Digimon, I'd love it because it is a time capsule look-back for ten years ago, complete with all sorts of dated cultural references (remember when MTV used to actually play music?) and punkass insights, from back when I was a medical student living on my own in downtown Detroit... around the time I was getting to know [livejournal.com profile] anax.

The premise of the story is that the Digidestined were invited onto Carson Daly's TRL show on MTV. I was such a huge dork back then, but I kind of love this story specifically because even though it's soooo bad: it's bad in a such a hopefully hilarious way.

I doubt I'll ever formally re-publish this anywhere, but here it is for you, my dear flist. (feel free to shoot me later).

TK is dressed like someone out of N-Sync, and Davis is wearing sunglasses. Yolei is wearing a replica of the outfit that Britney Spear's made popular in 'Oops...I Did it Again,' a red vinyl jumpsuit and space-cadet hairstyle. Kari is wearing a yellow tee that says 'hikari,' with a picture of a panda on it. Cody is wearing a silver shirt, baggy pants, and a long chain attached to his pants. Ken trails after them, wearing his normal grey school uniform, like always. )