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LET'S JOGRESS: Daiken Fic Recs

I prepared this as a comment to an anonymous poster over at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, which came up in the discussion of Secret #110, a shocking secret from some Digimon fan who didn't like the 02 ending. (omg, who doesn't like that ending right???). Since I have been all Digimon focused lately, I was primed to create a fic recc list. I am reproducing it here because I want to have it handy for future reference.

and now, LET'S JOGRESS

Well, first some sweet fluff to cleanse the palate:

The Puddles Arc by Apple QB. This occurs just after Ken stops being the Kaizer and is at maximum emo mode. I just find it adorable.

Don't Lose Yourself, by Intrada. I really don't know how Daisuke gets away with being this clueless. Ken somehow copes.

The Lefthand Path by Irhista Lhail. This is a post-post Kaizer fic, mostly all lemony.

Onjin, by Jin. The first Daiken fic I ever read. It is perhaps a bit too pat and fluffy but I love it.

Renshuu, by Megan le Fay. Kissing just for practice.

No Rules For This, by kyuuketsukirui. Daisuke is a super dork, as per usual.

And now for some longer works!!

Fine Art, by Faded Jae. Tragically incomplete but excellent characterizations.

Ground Level, by Aphrael and Louise. This links to all of Aphrael’s fics, but Ground Level is an excellent longer AU fic and I highly recommend it. (“Whipped” is also a great choice, especially if you want explicit smut)

Recently I have become most taken with Strange, by Apple QB. This is another tragically unfinished story but it is still a WIP. It's fascinatingly subversive and, yes, strange.

The Walls Between, by Kinslayer. Full disclosure: Kin is my best friend. But this story is epic and wonderful and very, very tragic. He also wrote "The Mistakes We Make," which is also hosted at Mediaminer, and which is probably his most notorious story.

Yami, by Ainokitsune. Another friend of mine, another ridiculously sad story. TBH a bit too hard for me to read, because it is so sad, but it is amazingly well written.

I suppose I could also mention that I too write Digimon fanfic. Some people have called it good. You could try Reflections, which is not complete because I am in the middle of rewriting it. This one is miraculously not slated to be a tragedy. I am also in the process of revising What the Sibyl Said, and I think it's now better then ever. Go read it, I think it's awesome if I do say so myself.

Also: you may enjoy Courage and Kindness: the Daisuke/Ken ship manifesto. It's one fan's defense of the pairing.

I welcome any additional recommendations anyone would like to add. I didn't put up any fic by El Juno, or Vain, or Akira Ichijouji, or Nemesi mostly because I couldn't decide which fic to pick. I need to go back and read all of their stories and then I can edit this post later to make my most studied recs. But trust me, I love all of them too. (Links to at least one fic by each of these writers can be found in my "Favorite Stories" section on ff.net, if you want to browse through their stuff on your own). :)

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