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herongale ([personal profile] herongale) wrote2020-01-01 09:02 am

I won't shine if you won't shine.

Witness my predicament, my friends, as I shall relate it to you:
never has there been, neither in the past, nor in your lifetime,
A similar heart, ungoverned, without lord or king,
That threw me down a well, with broken stairs
Where, yearning to drown, I descend the steps of my downfall,
Climb back up, only to go down again in this sea of woe.

Il Cantilena, Pietrus (English Translation)

Anyone who is interested in being added as a friend, please comment here. I do not promise reciprocal adding (I don't expect it, either), because I want to restrict readership to people I know and trust ("knowing" and "trusting" defined according to arcane personal criteria). If I don't add you please don't consider that an insult... it just means that I don't feel I know you well enough. Also, I will not be adding people who I know in real life. Those people can find out about me the old-fashioned way... through conversation and observation.

ETA September 2006: Changed the default on this post to screen everything. Say anything private to you that you wish; I will keep your reply private unless explicitly given permission by you to do otherwise. Think of this as a value-added feature of this new improved friends-only post.

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