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Dear Flist: Requesting Tai/Yamato fic reccs!

One of my new Oofuri friends, [livejournal.com profile] shirono, has been watching Digimon recently, and one of her newfound interests is an interest in the most popular pairing in Digimon history: Taito.

Taito! Like, lol, I don't remember any fics for this pairing. Sooo flist-chan, I turn to you, for those of you who have been Digimon fans in your lifetime: are there any stories you might recommend for a newfound fan? She seems to be especially interested in fics that focus on the feelings that Tai has for Yamato, but any and all recommendations are welcomed. Hell, I kinda want to read some of these fics myself. PLEASE HELP.

ETA: okay, I remembered one. Gay Chicken, by Pyjamas. Nice and hot despite the ridiculous title (which actually has a reasonable explanation). XD

ETA 2: It... destroys me. OMG GOTH TK ILU ;;__;;;

[identity profile] d-s-unit.livejournal.com 2010-09-28 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man, it's been ages since I've read any Taito fics (excellent, decent or otherwise). I blame this on Taishiro being my Taichi shipping of choice!

But I did read this fic and I quite enjoyed it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6130396/1/Unspoken

[identity profile] shirono.livejournal.com 2010-09-28 04:39 am (UTC)(link)
I love you, my sweet gale of heron. Thanks for putting out the call on my behalf. =)
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[personal profile] silverthunder 2010-09-28 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
Revenge and Hair Gel Don't Mix

Never Been Kissed

Louise really made me love this pairing. XD Her writing is so awesome. If you like AUs, I also recommend the prequel she wrote for that silly rune AU thingy I did, here: More Than Bargained For. And her scenes in Ground Level, too.

She is actually the only Taito writer I really read. XD Shame she doesn't write fanfic for Digimon any more, but I guess we've all moved on since then.
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[personal profile] silverthunder 2010-09-28 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Digimon is always going to have a special place in my heart - it was my first fandom, and the one I remember as being the most fun, really. Those were good days. It makes me glad that I still keep up with so many of those I knew from back then.

I know, I know, het is TEH EVIL. XD Sacriledge and blasphemy and all that. I don't normally write fanfic for canon pairings, either. I'm a lazy person, and if it's already there for me in canon, why do I need to? So ATLA fandom was pretty new for me in a lot of ways.

But I'm glad you're going to read it at some point. :) I think it turned out okay.

[identity profile] somatosensation.livejournal.com 2010-09-28 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
pff I wish I could remember the awesome ficcery I read. Taito was my INTRO into slash fandom.



This was back at the ripe young age of 13, though, so all the fics I read were on fansites.

[identity profile] somatosensation.livejournal.com 2010-09-28 10:32 am (UTC)(link)
oh my god this shit is so old, but fffffffffff I'm nostalgia tripping all over the plaaaaaaace.

Goth TK.

[identity profile] ryuutchi.livejournal.com 2010-09-28 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh god, I friended you because of your awesome Oofuri ship manifesto aldsskaldhsdfhjklsa; NOW I REMEMBER WHERE I KNEW YOUR NAME FROM. ♥

[identity profile] hinotori.livejournal.com 2010-09-28 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh god. Tell me when she moves on to Daisuke & Ken? Because I might a year's worth of reading for her in recommendations. *coughs* But then again, you KNOW that pairing.

Did I ever tell you What the Sibyl said was the first X-rated story I read? Ever? At the tender age of fourteen? I was like "...I suppose I can give it a shot and stop reading if I feel it's too much."
I read it all the way through and died a little. :D;