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herongale ([personal profile] herongale) wrote2012-01-11 08:41 pm

Webcomic Pimping Time: The Prince of Cats!

So, a friend of mine, [profile] shirono (aka Kori) has recently just launched a webcomic that promises to be really delicious and which has just... ah, the most lovely art. I am biased (friendship is always biasing!) but you guys are all my friends too, and so I figure it's fair to ENTHUSIASTICALLY PIMP SOMETHING I AM ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT ANYWAY, since maybe a few of you will check it out, and some will follow. Know that I will!

My sell: basically, there is a cool premise--

Lee Andrew Holtzer is seventeen and should only be worrying about one thing: getting into college. Unfortunately, the talking cats are making that a bit difficult. Luckily, he’s got the support and confidence of his best friend, Frank. But as the year goes on, not only does Lee struggle with application deadlines and demanding felines, but his relationship with Frank is changing. Will Lee learn how to be sensitive to the serious economic and social differences between he and Frank, or will the resulting fallout break them apart forever? And will that cat ever stop asking him to make a stupid wish? (text c&p from here)

and cool art--

and I totally love it so far, so I feel like anyone who is in the mood for any kind of non-stereotypical, gorgeously original boy-boy love story might want to check it out now, while the story is still in its infancy at 18 pages and hasn't grown into, idk, some mammoth nine chapter epic saga like Homestuck yet. Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor with an extremely promising new work, which will be updated every Monday with four new pages at a time!

Kori is a professional. He does professional fanart (and I've commissioned him on several Oofuri fanarts, all of which have left me verrrryyy satisfied). I feel like it's safe to assume he's going to stick with this for the long haul and I know for a fact it's already got a basic plot outline (which is probably more than can be said about a lot of otherwise promising fan comics which eventually petered out over time-- HELLO HANNA IS NOT A BOYS NAME, I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU). This is a serious project for him and he's investing blood and treasure (okay copic markers and cash money) to make this happen, so I feel safe in saying this is no whimsical thing. NOT LIKE, SAY, MY OWN FANFICTION.

So... if you are curious, check it out! Proceed with confidence! Be prepared to see something that is probably very different from a lot of the yaoi/slash fan stories you have seen before! KNOW THAT KORI CAN DRAW ALL THE HOT. I give five stars and two very enthusiastic thumbs up, and not even Roger Ebert could give any more!