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So, I'm just freakin' infatuated with Haruna right now. *points to icon* Look at him, isn't he hot? He's also an arrogant dick! And a genius baseball pitcher! What's not to love!

Anyway, was catching myself up on Jim Rome this evening, and from the top of the show he played highlights from a radio interview he did with Brian Wilson, the closer pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. And I was all ****stars in my eyes**** because, like, Brian Wilson IS Haruna: smart, and hilarious!

First off. Recently there was some Controversy with Brian Wilson, since he was wearing these really, really flashy orange Nikes while pitching in a game against the Marlins. The coach of the Marlins complained, he was fined $1000 for crimes against fashion, and when the coach of the Marlins called him out for wearing shoes that were too flashy, he gave the following response:

Too flashy. I didn't know that's in the rulebook. Oh it's not in the rulebook. The fact that he thinks these shoes throw 97 to 100 with cut might be a little far fetched. I guess we should have these checked as performance-enhancing shoes.


In the end, to make them game compliant, he needed to cover up the orange with black for at least 50% of the shoe. Apparently he accomplished this using a Sharpie.

So, now, here are some choice quotes from today's Jim Rome, transcribed for you, in order to appreciate the awesome Brian Wilson. You don't need to know or like baseball to appreciate these quotes.

Here goes.

On what he was thinking when he decided to put on the orange cleats:
I'm not even magical. I'm just going to put these on and see what happens.

On the color orange, in general:
The other colors respect orange. I know, I hear them talking about it.

On mouthing off to the fans:
It's fun to bicker with the fans because after a while they're stumped. They'll think 'wow, This guy, this technician of the mouth, is firing back some sweet stuff at me. I don't know what to do. I'll throw peanuts at him. Wait, he's a ninja, he just caught those. I have nothing to say.'

On his work ethic:
See, the thing for me is, I don't know how much talent I've had over the coarse of my lifetime, if any. I always corellated it to, my dad told me to work as hard as you possibly can....I'm going to work as hard as I humanly possibly can. If that means I'm going to throw up before the game, then so be it. Because its going to make me a MAN when I come to the game.

Final words of wisdom:
When you're on the mound and you feel like you could absolutely murder someone's soul out there? Failure isn't an option.


I... I'm pretty sure I'm totally, totally in love...