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This will be my second Yuletide and I'm pretty hyped, so hello and thank you so much for writing for me!!!

In introduction, I'm herongale. This is pretty much my across-the-board internet handle everywhere, but if you'd like to check out my stories, they can be found at Archive of Our Own and at Fanfiction.Net. I am also on Tumblr.

First off I want to say that pretty much everything that involves the characters I request will be beloved by me, since I'm only requesting characters I truly, truly adore, in fandoms that either have been dear to me for a very long time (D&D and Oofuri) or which are like a new supernova bursting through my heart with all sorts of excitement and glee (Mob Psycho 100). Lately I have been re-reading Oofuri and I am soon to re-embark on a D&D cartoon rewatch, and of COURSE I have been consuming all MP100 canon like an absolute maniac, up to and including rewatching the last two episodes like, five dozen times, and reading and re-reading the manga. These are mostly all fandoms I am offering as well as requesting, so I am just super seriously into them!! To the point where I have to use multiple exclamation points!!! It's a real problem!!!!!!!!

I'll get to DNWs and likes/dislikes in a bit, but first let me go fandom by fandom and just gush at you for a bit, with optional prompts as they occur to me.



This is by far my oldest fandom here, since I got into it waaaaaaaaay back when, like, before I was a teenager even. It was the first fandom I seriously tried to write stories for (but my stories were melodramatic and terrible, all except for the one based on the Breakfast Club, but even that one was kind of silly and none of them are online), and it was also the fandom that got me sideways into Digimon (another fandom of my heart!) by both being broadcast on Fox Kids in the same general time frame.

Can you even believe it, I was recording those episodes off the TV onto VCR. VCR!!! Holy shit that was a long time ago. But the point is it's a fandom I just keep coming back to after various periods away, and there's something about the whole "group of disparate kids get swept away into another dimension/world and end up having to fight battles and survive together" that hits my storytelling id in alllll the right ways. I will never stop loving the original D&D cartoon. I will be 179 years old and made of glass and on my deathbed and will be all, "but d-did... those kids... escape from... the Dungeon Realm..."

I love all of the kids so much, but the ones I am specifically requesting are Eric and Sheila, who I really do love the most. I actually ship them (and it's such a rare pair!!) but I also love them interacting platonically, as friends, since they were still kind of far from becoming friends in the cartoon by the time it was over (I mean, they were friends in a technical sense by then, but not really close?). I also would be glad of stories that focus on one or the other of them, honestly, but without any outside shipping if possible (exception: Hank/Diana as a side pairing is awesome and I love it and not at all in a spare-the-pairs way).

And they are such very different people! Sheila starts off very timid and cautious, but she is also trying to be strong for the sake of her younger brother Bobby, and when I was a kid she was the character I identified with the most. Eric is... prickly, and off-puttingly arrogant and snobbish, but underneath that he has a truly fragile and sensitive self that he's crushed down so willfully and for so long that he's pretty much forgotten that this part of him exists... but it does exist, and we see it come out sometimes, and he's an angst muffin and pretty much set the standard for most of my later faves. The reason I ship them together is that although they have such VERY different personalities, they both share in the type of powers which are basically defensive/evasive and this is a reflection of how they both cope with the world, and so it makes them more temperamentally similar than you'd initially think.

In terms of the stories I'd like to see, I am very fond of short "go to a village and have to deal with some discrete problem which is introduced by DM as some tantalizing new way to get home but is just some dumb issue DM can't handle himself because he's ~~above it all~~ or whatever" stories as a background to character growth/increased understanding between these two kids. I'm not big on introspection but I like a lot of dialogue, so any kind of problem where they have to talk and act together to solve it (and grow closer along the way?) is very nice. Fandom staples I never get tired of include the one where one of them is injured and they are separated from the group, or the one where it's cold and they are in dire straits and need to hole up in a cave and share blankets (but in this case it would be an invisibility cloak as well as a shield-induced force field). THE CARTOON IS CHEESY SO THE FICS CAN BE TOO!! I also like the kind of stories where they are home now, finally, and are trying to adjust to their old boring normal lives. Period 80s details are forever welcomed and adored.

Some specific prompts, if that helps:

- Did you see Stranger Things? An AU story that involves the D&D kids getting whisked away from their 80s boardwalk summertime lives into some menacing supernatural alternative universe would be super, super cool! Can be horror, humor, romance, any genre really, but it would be fun if it evoked some 80s movie feel.

- either Eric or Sheila actually Kill a Person, and Shit Gets Real. They are too young for this stuff and DM should be fired for dragging them into it, so a story that forces them to deal with something they never should have to experience could be really cool. But only the consequences of Fantasy World Violence should be involved... no rape or anything, that's just too terrible.

-Venger or some other evil Realm citizen captures and starts torturing one of them, but before the torture can get super revolting, the other one comes to save them! Honestly this is the sort of thing where it should be everyone coming to save them, so I would want that too, but ultimately I'd want the post-rescue one-on-one comforting that can happen around a campfire or in a village inn. Also, no dismemberment or substantially disfiguring permanent consequences please.



This one is gonna be a little more rough for me to describe, since my thoughts about it are all swirling and haven't settled properly, but I know a couple things. One, every single protagonist (with the exception of Dimple kind of) is wonderful and I want to give them all hugs. Two, the Reigen and Mob mentor/mentee relationship is one of the purest and unexpectedly sweetest things I've seen all year. Three, Reigen is HILARIOUS but also hurts my heart and I love him so especially much.

I knew I was gonna love MP100 by episode three, which is where all of the cards are placed on the table and we find out what the 100 in the title means. Even though Mob's situation (being a peerless esper with unbelievable inborn gifts who is so afraid of his powers that he's developed an emotionally-repressive complex about them) is fantastical, his isolation and forced dullness of personality/affect as a way to project normalcy and comfort is extremely relatable, and the way he just shatters when Dimple tells him that he must have no emotions is gut-wrenchingly sad. "You can't cry together, or even be moved," Dimple says. "You'll be forever alone."

Right after that we get the objectively badass 100% rage fight, but the thing that really hit me was the debriefing afterwards with Reigen, where Reigen is (ironically) cluelessly poking at the same weaknesses that Dimple got trashed for. Reigen is so massively uncool while at the same time projecting nearly unreal amounts of confidence and charisma, even as specks of ketchup spray over onto his cheeks and chin while he continues to messily eat a hamburger. The thing though is that Reigen doesn't really see Mob's differences as weaknesses, and as Mob tells him the entire tale of what happened, Reigen finds the one indisputably true aspect of that incident which Mob completely overlooked: he actually saved those people.

It hurts to think that Mob truly never clued into the fact that the cult members were being brainwashed and cruelly manipulated into a form of artificial happiness... even while talking to Reigen, he laments the fact that he spoiled their fun. As if that was any fun. He just doesn't get it and that is a fact, but he has Reigen there to point out the obvious facts Mob is too alienated to understand, and is little by little helping Mob learn how to reconnect with his own humanity.

But it's not a one-way relationship. The manga makes this more explicitly clear (am gonna avoid saying more than that to avoid giving out manga spoilers just in case you are not caught up yet), but I requested Reigen and Mob together specifically because I think there are so many ways they are both ideally suited to helping each other, and are developing the kind of closeness that can only come when pursuing similar goals together. Reigen is, when you get right down to it, someone who society easily would write off as pathetic regardless of his hilariously awesome personality, because he's using it for such petty dealings and not even out of some greater sense of good or passion, but just because he wants to have a job that pays the bills and wants to live a life that is at least a little bit interesting.

So when it comes to fic that I want to see, the main thing I'm interested in is exploring the nature of their highly unique and strangely non-codependent relationship... I'd love stories that explore the contours of their respective alienation from regular society. I love that Reigen is just trying so hard to be the adult he thinks he's supposed to be, and to follow his own idiosyncratic and individualistic personal code of ethics so that he can feel proud of himself despite how much contempt he gets from most of the people who see right through him. Mob also sees right through him, I think, but instead of contempt he's filled with a kind of quiet awe, like, this is how you do it. This is how you be your own person and face the world bravely and make friends. And even if Mob eventually loses his awe (because how can he not? He's growing up!), I think it will be replaced more with understanding than contempt.

I wonder if there are any people other than Reigen's own parents who have bothered to try understanding him, really understanding him, as opposed to finding him entertaining or useful but generally, otherwise completely disposable.

That said, despite the fact that their relationship is the linchpin of the series and the aspect that appeals to me most, I love each character on their own, and they both have their separate and only slightly overlapping spheres of friends/acquaintances/enemies. I don't think I could be happy if a story left one or the other of them out, and I'd request that the Mob & Reigen association be put at the center of any story written for me, but they don't live in a vacuum and I'm always happy to see other characters brought in to give a story richness and depth.

This series is a weird one for me re: shipping. Usually when I am highly driven to participate in a fandom it's because I have some big-time OTP shipping to investigate, but here it's not like that at all. I just... really want to see Mob and Reigen become closer... to become friends? Real friends? And I think that right now, Reigen doesn't have any friends besides Mob. And because Mob is a kid, I doubt that Reigen even sees Mob as a friend. Can they even become friends? Will they? In canon it's still so hard to say, because respect is a thing that ebbs and flows between them, as Mob will naturally find new ways for Reigen to disillusion and disappoint him, whereas Reigen has to be confronted with the fact that Mob is growing up into someone who commands his own respect, even if that's uncomfortable for him, learning to respect someone he initially met as an awkward and very withdrawn child.

Anyway, here are some prompts!

- I AM SO WEAK FOR PROCEDURALS THAT ARE COMEDIC BUT ALSO SECRETLY VERY TOUCHING? So a spirit-of-the-week thing where they have to deal with some ghost or some urban legend, supernatural oddity, or hell, even a local petulant god? I am so here for that.

- Ritsu mistakenly (??) assumes that Mob is falling for Reigen. Ritsu is not okay with his precious brother falling for that asshole, Reigen. Ritsu decides to Investigate.

- In the anime ED, we get a glimpse of Reigen's life outside of the times when he's with Mob, and it's completely dull and colorless. Some pre-Mob look at his life and his failed dates and his joke of a business venture and anything that looks at how seriously lonely he must have been would be really heart-rendingly sad. I'd totally love it. Reigen angst (especially if it ends with some glimpse of his first days of actually working with Mob afterwards, to show the stark contrast) would make me so happy.

- If you wanna write Reimob Actual Shipping, this is where I guiltily admit I would probably be really okay with that??? Even despite the part above where I said I am into their dynamic mainly for the platonic connections? I mean, that isn't a lie, I really am... but I CAN ALSO SEE HOW THEIR RELATIONSHIP COULD TURN INTO SOMETHING MORE IF MOB PUSHED FOR IT, WHEN MOB IS OLDER AND MORE SELF-ASSURED?? It would have to be Mob older, and Mob pushing for it while Reigen is reluctant and desperately trying to maintain proper adult boundaries... but man, once Mob hits say, age 20, Reigen is gonna be 34 and will probably still have no prospective girlfriend (or boyfriend, even though there's a decent possibility he'd end up with Serizawa... but for the sake of this prompt let's say that doesn't happen). He's lonely. He has needs. Mob is a self-assured young adult by then who has long since seen through all of his Master's flimsy facades and who definitely no longer has him on any kind of pedestal, but who likes him all the more because of that. MAYBE REIGEN TAKES MOB TO THE BAR WHEN MOB IS FIRST LEGALLY ABLE TO DRINK, BUT INSTEAD OF MOB GETTING DRUNK, IT'S REIGEN, AND MOB TAKES HIM HOME AND REIGEN GETS A LITTLE CLINGY AND MOB IS ALL, HE WANTS IT. This is not a Proper and Correct prompt, these are bad behaviors!!! But if they both really want it, especially if Mob is the one pressing for it, then I'd want to read it. :)

3. Ookiku Furikabutte

Oofuri? Oh, yeah, I kind of liked that anime when it came out a while back, but baseball is so boring you kn... *trips* *thousands of scribbled notes about Haruna Motoki spill from my pockets* *along with notes taken from no less than seven different nonfiction books about baseball* ..ooowww, but man, those multi-episode games were too goddamn lon... *slips on notes and falls backwards into my closet, causing a cascade of Akiharu doujinshi to shower forth from the shelves* ..GGGGoddamnit fuck those aren't mine I'm just holding onto them for a frien... *doujin opens up to a picture of Haruna and Akimaru yelling at each other and a single involuntary, glistening tear falls from my eye* ...NNNDD NO SERIOUSLY LISTEN, hang on, jUst...


I actually started off in my Oofuri fandom being a huuugeemongous Abemiha fan, to the point where I started overly ambitious fic about them and also wrote a 10K+ word shipping manifesto for them. But while I was writing about them, I felt compelled to look more deeply at Haruna in order to properly understand how Abe Takaya turned out to be so... unique... as a catcher, and when I did that got me reading ahead in the manga (this was before there were scanlations readily available so by "reading ahead" I really mean "downloaded raws for all the released chapters and opened them side-by-side with LJ posts which provided text translations." And I was astonished (and honestly, at first a little put off by) the fact that Higuchi had taken a weird detour into all sorts of Musashino games (okay two Musashino games but both games also got the many chapters treatment) but this was useful for my Haruna research... but then wait what is Akimaru doing why isn't Haruna talking to him much in the elevator after that first game... and hey cool Akimaru is getting subbed into the game because the other catcher sucks... but maaan, Akimaru kind of sucks too and what NO WAIT SERIOUSLY WE ARE GETTING AN EMOTIONAL ARGUMENT WITH YELLING AND ACCUSATIONS OF SKIPPING PRACTICE TO GO ON VACATION THAT GO BACK TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HARUNA WHAT ARE YOU EVEN.... and then Akimaru gets subbed out and Musashino loses and then Abe and Mihashi come talk to Haruna and Haruna LAUGHS AT ABE WHAT but then he BOWS AND REALLY SINCERELY APOLOGIZES OH MY GOD... and then... and then....

Basically, I became a Haruna Motoki convert. And because mentioning Haruna Motoki is more or less synonymous with mentioning Akimaru Kyouhei, I became an Akimaru convert too.

I still really really love Abe and Mihashi! I still even ship them!! But they are very well represented in the fic world and I feel like all I ever really want in life is five million more "how did Haruna and Akimaru start dating" fics as well as all sorts of explorations of them as a couple of relentlessly codependent childhood friends who have some kind of weird mental telepathy where they instinctively understand whatever each one is thinking in the moment, while at the same time very, very carefully avoiding thinking or talking about anything that matters re: their friendship around each other, so they have these big gaping holes of communication where they substitute assumptions and bitterness for understanding and emotional closeness.

My love for this pairing is vast, and my preference is obviously for ship fic, but I love each character so much individually that I'd be delighted for platonic friendship fics too, or baseball fics (OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS FANDOM NEEDS MORE LEGIT ACTUAL BASEBALL FICS) which focus on Musashino (especially with the new team makeup with all of those bright eyed first years) or especially, which focus on Akimaru finally finding his MOTIVATION (as a batter!!!! With his eagle-eyed ability to See All!!!) and thus finding his way to truly deserve his place as a regular who plays in actual games!!!

Mostly I just love stuff that is set in the canon universe for them. It can be from back when they were toddlers and first meeting (cute kid stuff is something I've only ever seen for them in doujinshi but there should be stories too!), stuff during Haruna's Dark Days when he was off in Seniors and Akimaru was avoiding him, stuff set at ANY TIME during the high school years since that is TOTALLY A MINEFIELD OF EMOTIONS, or grown-up "Haruna is a pro now and Akimaru is... not" stories, with or without a pre-established relationship going on.

My main request for Oofuri fic is that no matter what emotions happen going in or throughout most of the story, I'd like it to end on a positive note? I love these two so much and my main desire is to see them happy. Please let them be happy!

Prompts? Prompts!!!

- Musashino vs. Nishiura... take two! This could be a practice match or a real game (practice match seems more plausible and with lower stakes), but the main thing is, Musashino wins this time, because this time, Akimaru does not totally suck. And also is ideally set up to defeat Mihashi as pitcher because once he gets even a little bit or real batting skill he'll be able to read Mihashi's pitches sooo easily. This should frustrate the hell out of Abe Takaya!!! Who even is this upstart catcher who can't even throw to second???!!

- Kissing just for practice. One of those old standbys of the fic realm but one I have not seen for them. Haruna and his hopeless crush on Suzune, maybe it occurs to him that he needs to learn kissing after he sees her hug on Ookawa? He knows he can't date her but he wants to find another cute baseball girl and next time, he needs to be prepared! And you know, Akimaru has all sorts of lowkey experience with kissing girls (and boys, as it happens), and is curiously super okay with this kind of experimentation...

- If you want to focus just on Haruna, something that deals with the twins from Kasukabe and/or either of the Nakazawa brothers and any of their's total obsession with him (that they are in denial about!). Um. Imagine I phrased that grammatically.

- If you are more into a story which focuses on Akimaru... well, it's hard to imagine that it wouldn't involve him at least thinking a lot about Haruna, since he's made his entire life to be about Haruna in so many (too many) ways. But him seeking out, say, Abe, to get some kind of advice on how to improve? And Abe being really torn since why would he help his enemies, except well, Haruna DID give some useful advice to Mihashi once... I'd love a story that involves Abe and Akimaru actually talking and getting to know one another. They could both end up complaining about Haruna and that could be incredible bonding. Hell, that could even lead to some incredible "we both want him" fucking. I am pretty easy when it comes to Akimaru and his having outside assignations so long as his heart is forever entangled with Haruna feelings.

Likes, Dislikes, DNWs

I'm putting this last because... the main thing I want in any story is for the characters to be as in-character as possible and for the overall story to end somewhere at least hopeful, if not really positive and affirming. And I feel like I can trust that you will try your best to do that? So I feel like burdening you with lots of specifics beyond that is not helpful, because I will love any good-faith story that is written with my general preferences in mind. I mostly want to give you license to write a story you'd also really love to read, and I figure if we matched on any of these fandoms and characters, we are probably already temperamentally similar enough where I will love whatever is given to me.

I guess I'll put in some general requests for no varsity-level kinks, especially the ones that involve inflicting pain or exalting in non-sexual bodily excretions (...being kinda vague here but yeah I mean no scat or pee or snot or whatevs)? No major character deaths of the characters I've requested? No mean-spirited assholery which makes it seems like one of my chosen characters actually hates the other chosen character??? Those kind of things would bum me out so please avoid including them if possible.

In Conclusion

I kind of purposefully did not read too many letters before writing this, since I really wanted to do "my own thing" and see if I could communicate my feelings in an inspirational way. I hope I succeeded but no matter what, I will be eagerly looking forward to reading what you write for me!!! If my letter fails in some way and you have questions, I THINK I've set up this post to allow for anonymous commenting, so feel free to ask me questions anonymously if you need any clarification or just want to know something. I will get back to you ASAP!!!