27 Apr 2016

herongale: (eridan- hey kar)
(Sorry this is gonna be kinda boring and list-like for anyone who is not Ten, but if anyone wants to get a more thorough PoI rec list from me, just drop a comment and let me know! I am also way willing to discuss PoI with anyone, so if you have PoI thoughts just hit me!!)

(Starting from mid season 2):

Season 2:

Eps 10-13, aka the Prison Arc. Lots of good backstory and frontstory, also Fusco steps up!
Ep 16, Relevance. Into of a new Very Important Character, also examines the Relevant list from the Machine.
Ep 20. In Extremis. Important Fusco episode!
Eps 21-22. Zero Day/God Mode. The season ending, lots of important lore and great stuff happens!!!

Season 3:

Episode 1. Liberty. Continuation of stuff from the season finale of season 2, also sets up the main themes/conflicts of season 3.
Episode 5. Razgovor. Explores the backstory of a new team member. Also just a very satisfying episode.
Episode 6. Mors Praematura. INTRO LESLIE ODOM JR. Also this was the episode I first saw that convinced me to check out Person of Interest… it’s just weird and wacky enough and is totally awesome!
Eps 7-13. This is a continuous and VERY CRITICAL ARC where VERY IMPORTANT SHIT GOES DOWN so really it’s best to watch them all!!!

Eps 16. RAM. Harold’s backstory re: his initial days of working the Irrelevant list.
Eps 17-23. Shit this is another big story arc! I want to say that ALL of these episodes are important but if you want to keep it to only the MOST essential shit, I’d say… watch eps 20-23 for sure. 17-19 are all ramping up episodes and divert enough from the main plot to be skippable, but I feel like since this season sets up so much important shit that is meaningful for the next season, It’s worth it to watch those too. It’s up to you though!